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“I met Ron at Valet Custom Cabinets and Closets. I was intrigued with the joint business partnership he has with them and the great work he and Jerry (at Valet) can provide people looking for both a custom cabinet and A/V consultation services.

Ron was hired to tackle the programming of a RTI Pro control remote and installing Sonos into my existing home audio system. Ron as mentioned by other reviewers indulges into the complexities of macros to get the universal remote working as seemless and efficiently for your specific A/V system needs.

Prior to the actual installation, Ron communicates with you to prepare most of the programming for the remote. I was extremely happy with the end product and the simplicity to navigate my A/V system for day to day functions. Also, I am so excited to be able to listen to my old CDs that have been lying around. My wife, who was extremely bashful/afraid to use my system prior this remote installation, was grinning with a big smile of now using just one remote and being able to use the TV, stereo, bluray and Sonos.

One other quality of Ron is he really tries to make life more efficient and enjoyable when comes to A/V. He will communicate ways to improve on your system. Overall, he is very punctual, honest and is knowledgeable in working with A/V. Thanks so much, Ron.”