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Words From Our Satisfied Clients

The following testimonials have been graciously provided by clients of First Reflection Audio Video. For more reviews, please visit our Yelp page.

“We wanted to upgrade our TV and DVD player, and take better advantage of our bookshelf speakers, but didn’t know how to proceed. We were referred to Ron Jones from First Reflections Audio Video. Ron came to our home and quickly recommended a TV and BluRay, and how to connect and position our speakers so they’d sound better. We made an appointment for Ron to come and set up everything, which he did in one visit. Everything works to perfection…we couldn’t be more pleased! It was a pleasure working with Ron and we highly recommend him.”

“Wow! For years we were frustrated that we rarely listened to music in our house, which had in ceiling speakers in most rooms from the previous owner, because we just couldn’t come up with a sufficiently simple system. A previous attempt with another consultant just didn’t work.

Ron listened patiently to our often conflicting desires and followed up by email with a variety of detailed options. After some hemming and hawing, we decided to go with his recommendation of a Sonos-based system, and we couldn’t be happier we listened to him.

In terms of installation, Ron was punctual, professional, and thorough. When he was done the system looked great, performed great, and was all set up and ready to go. Now we listen to music all the time. Thanks Ron!”

“Ron was given a challenge in our small San Francisco condo, and came up with a first class AV system that far exceeds our expectations. Ron has the technical expertise, mixed with a great attention to detail that is required in doing this kind of work. He spent a lot of time making sure that our system fit within the limitations of our AV cabinet, and offered us top quality equipment that is totally integrated for our new home. He was careful in listening to our needs and customizing a system that fit our home and our budget. We couldn’t be happier. We’d recommend that you give him a go if you’re looking for any AV changes to your home.”

“I met Ron at Valet Custom Cabinets and Closets. I was intrigued with the joint business partnership he has with them and the great work he and Jerry (at Valet) can provide people looking for both a custom cabinet and A/V consultation services.

Ron was hired to tackle the programming of a RTI Pro control remote and installing Sonos into my existing home audio system. Ron as mentioned by other reviewers indulges into the complexities of macros to get the universal remote working as seemless and efficiently for your specific A/V system needs.

Prior to the actual installation, Ron communicates with you to prepare most of the programming for the remote. I was extremely happy with the end product and the simplicity to navigate my A/V system for day to day functions. Also, I am so excited to be able to listen to my old CDs that have been lying around. My wife, who was extremely bashful/afraid to use my system prior this remote installation, was grinning with a big smile of now using just one remote and being able to use the TV, stereo, bluray and Sonos.

One other quality of Ron is he really tries to make life more efficient and enjoyable when comes to A/V. He will communicate ways to improve on your system. Overall, he is very punctual, honest and is knowledgeable in working with A/V. Thanks so much, Ron.”

“We are very satisfied with the help Ron provided in improving our home audio video systems. He really listened to our needs and designed systems that met and exceeded those needs.

Ron worked with the equipment we had so that we didn’t have to replace everything. I love music and audio programming. The Sonos system and our new receiver make our speakers perform phenomenally. Having wired Internet music and programming has really expanded listening opportunities. All our data is now stored on a separate hard drive. This makes it easier to use our home computer and protects our information.

Ron made some simple changes that really improved our video. We now have a custom remote that works all of our video equipment. Ron is prompt, professional and friendly. He is really dedicated to his customers. He has allergies, but he happily enjoyed our cats, even though his allergies bothered him long after he left our house. We highly recommend First Reflection.”

“Ron is 10 stars in my book. I had a jumble of ancient equipment (15-40 years old) that I decided to upgrade to current technology. Bought a new HDTV, receiver, speakers, ordered a new cable box & had an electrician friend come over to hook everything up. Nothing worked and for 6 weeks we struggled to fix the problem. I finally went to yelp and called Rudy from Custom Home Theaters but he never showed up and never returned my frequent phone calls. I’m so glad because I found Ron and he was at my house the following morning. He spent several hours (and this was just the free consultation) going over what equipment I had and what my needs were. His knowledge and enthusiasm was a god-send. He took the time to explain several options available to get everything working at optimal level including coming over on his own time to demonstrate some of the upgrades I was interested in. He treats you as his most important client (and you are) and was in constant contact with me (phone, texts, e-mails) about the status of the installation. I ended up making some upgrades thanks to his incredible knowledge and his desire to have the final results be as perfect as possible. He ended up having to completely re-do the mess of wrongly connected wires I had (thank goodness I didn’t have a fire) and installed an integrated system that I am still in awe of, a system I never even knew was possible. He is a master at his craft but also an enthusiastic, wonderful person. I would have to say it is one of the most pleasant successful business transactions I have ever experienced. If every business person operated with his values what a less frustrating world this would be. Thanks Ron, you’re the best!”

“Ron is the definition of a professional in every sense of the word.

He has put together multiple room systems in our home and does exactly what he says he’ll do. This guy knows what he is doing and does his craft as it was his own home. Incredibly detailed, straightforward, on time, clean, trustworthy – I highly recommend his work.”

“My first interaction with Ron began when I was working at his chiropractor’s office as the massage therapist. At that time he was working for a large corporation and dealing with the stresses of working in the corporate environment. When he told me he was going to quit the corporate life and begin a business providing audio/video solutions, I knew he would be successful in this effort.

A couple years later, I knew just who to call when I decided to finally do something about our audio system. Ron and I talked about what our needs were, and the fact that we were planning to sell our house in the not too distant future, so we needed to install a system that would not only improve our current situation, but that would move with us.

Ron brought us the Sonos system. He provided the solution we needed to get music into our surround sound speakers that, up until that time, were used for the television/vcr only, while additionally providing us with a system that will move with us. We have since sold our home and are in temporary residence in the same area. I contacted Ron right away to help us with the move and within the first week of living in our new location we are set up and running. We plan to hire Ron again as we are now in the process of building our “retirement” home and want to utilize his expertise from the “ground” up.

Ron really listens to his clients. He works within your budget to provide you with the highest grade solution. His attention to detail, timely execution and outstanding customer service make him my “Go To Guy” for all things electronic in my home.

If you are having problems with your audio/video system, or just have a need to talk to someone about what’s out there and what will work for you, CALL HIM! You will not be disappointed!”

“After Ron installed our system, we had two political viewing parties. At both events our guests commented on the sound clarity. I guess many people have nice big TVs, but not our sound quality. Even the woman who had to sit right next to one of the speakers was impressed. People were in the back of the kitchen and could hear well without blasting those sitting close up.

In addition, Ron immediately got back to my email query about how to show a video directly from a website by downloading some free software. He told us he’d be there for us to answer questions. It’s great to find someone who keeps their promises.”

“We have had our new audio/video system for a few weeks now, and are very happy with it. Ron Jones designed the system, ordered all the components, installed them, and tuned the system to perfection. The combination of the new receiver, speakers, Blu Ray, and plasma TV integrated with our existing cd changer and speakers gives us an excellent system for our viewing and listening pleasure. The ability to access internet radio was a great bonus.

Ron worked tirelessly to ensure everything was the best it could be. I would not hesitate to recommend First Reflection and Ron to all of our friends.”

“Ron built our surround sound system incorporated with custom cabinetry, from initial design to final installation to post customer service. He is very knowledgeable in his field, and very detail oriented. I give him five star for the whole process. Ron listens to our need closely without trying to push higher end products to us, yet still make reasonable suggestions. He designed the whole system within our budget and stick to the price. There was one component that was discontinued. Ron upgraded it for us without any additional charge. He did a lot of home work before installation to make sure everything works together perfectly with our cabinetry. The result: everything goes smoothly without any issues. During installation, Ron not only fine tuned our system to optimal effect, but also went extra miles to sort out and hide the jungle of wires that came with the system, including those from our existing components, even the ones from the cabinetry installation. All in all, I give Ron 100% for the service he provides.”

“I’m so glad that Valet Custom Cabinets & Closets referred me to First Reflection Audio Video. It’s very nice to have someone show up for appointments, especially when they are on time. Between what I thought I wanted, and their design suggestions, I’m very happy with the way my project turned out. I appreciated Ron working within my budget constraints, handling everything in a most professional manner. If anyone I know is looking for audio video design and installation, I will certainly share Ron’s contact information. Many many thanks for everything.”

“First Reflection Audio Video recently installed a new and complete system in my den. I was very impressed by Ron’s professionalism, his attention to detail, and endless patience when answering a myriad of questions. I now have a great system and am pleased to recommend the services of First Reflection Audio Video.”

“Ron delivered the solution to our audio problem, and fixed a video problem too! Ron worked within our budget, suggesting which existing components should stay and which should be replaced. We are now able to fully enjoy our music library. Thanks, Ron.”

“I needed First Reflection Audio Video to install a new Blu-ray player into my home theater system. Ron quickly provided proper installation and setup, and also significantly improved our current system, that had been professionally installed by another company. Additionally, Ron provided suggestions to further optimize our audio video system, which I plan to have him complete later this year. I heartily recommend First Reflection Audio Video.”

“I contacted First Reflection Audio Video to design a full home, five room system, including HDMI 1080p/60fps distribution throughout. The owner Ron Jones came to our home to meet us, and to gain a thorough understanding of our needs. We identified our dream system, and once all the specifications were worked out, Ron provided a detailed cost estimate.

Unfortunately, the full dream system was beyond our budget, but Ron worked patiently with us to design a solution that would meet our immediate needs, and fit within our budget, including full HDMI audio and video distribution of three source components from our family room to the kitchen.

I’m pleased to say that we are very happy with our new system. Since First Reflection Audio Video completed the installation, we’ve needed a few tweaks, but Ron has provided excellent ongoing support to ensure everything works as expected and to our satisfaction.

I recommend First Reflection Audio Video, and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

“Out of desperation, with a TV showing green bands instead of a picture, and frustrated with a remote that would not work, I searched for help. To my rescue came First Reflection Audio Video. Ron listened intently to my many complaints, and asked incisive questions about how I used, and wanted to use, my components. My husband’s most important need was for Ron to handle all aspects of the job, including the purchase and delivery of all equipment. With a thorough understanding of our needs, Ron quickly submitted a scope of work.

With Ron’s communication, I felt involved during the project. When he was finished, we had incredibly easy-to-use audio video equipment installed, setup, and ready for use. There was the new plasma TV, the new receiver, the new Blu–ray DVD/CD player, the old multiple CD player I wanted to keep, and a new cable box – all beautifully connected with new and proper cables (not in a jumble as they had been). And most important of all, there was the new remote.

Let me tell you about this remote. Ron custom programmed it so that I, a techie novice, knew what button to push and what was supposed to happen. And it happened. Even when I got confused and pushed the wrong button, I was able to quickly correct it. The remote control is marvelous! Now I can work all the audio video machines as I want, and use them to their fullest potential – something I wasn’t able to do before. For the first time, I can even play music in the adjoining living room with the push of a button! It was a dream come true to find Ron. He accomplished what he promised, at the proposed estimate, and was open to our many questions and concerns during the process. I highly recommend First Reflection Audio Video.”

“I’ve worked with Ron at First Reflection Audio Video on two projects now (first was Sep 2009). He has programmed two universal remotes – each controlling a separate system in my home, and each replacing multiple original remotes. Along with the second remote, Ron also helped me choose and install a Blu-ray universal player, and a streaming digital video player. Ron is very knowledgeable about the inner workings of home audio video systems, which today have become way too complex. His communications skills are outstanding, and he always seems to answer my emails right away. The day after he finished our second remote control, I left to visit my parents on the Monterey Peninsula. I didn’t have time to explain the remote to my wife or son, so they were on their own. My wife called when I was away to tell me how great the new remote was, and how easy it is to work with. That’s quite a compliment to Ron. The following day I found a minor issue with the remote and emailed Ron. Within two hours he replied, saying he had made the requested change from his home computer… on a Sunday! Now, that’s service!”

“It works like magic, with just a touch of the finger. All your hard work was well worth it. You are truly gifted and a genius, and thank you. I am very pleased. Very pleased.”

“They say “third time’s a charm”, and I tend to agree. Ron was the third audio video professional to work on my theatre room system, and it’s finally working the way I expected… 8 years after the first professional installed it! That’s not a misprint, and it bears repeating – my system is finally working the way I expected for the first time in 8 years!! Have I upgraded equipment in that time? Sure, 3 years ago, with the same results provided by the second professional – a prominent specialty retailer that operates in the Bay Area and provides home audio video solutions.

Convinced my quality equipment was not setup to it’s full potential by the last professional, I started down that road of no return that many of us are forced to follow – doing it myself. Armed with multiple owner’s manuals, customer support, and my trusty Masters in Computer Science diploma, I began my adventure that quickly became my nightmare. You know you’re in over your head when neither the owner’s manual or customer support can tell you the difference between an optical and coaxial output. Did you know that correctly setting up your receiver doesn’t mean “ta-da”, and you’re done? No, for optimum performance, you must setup the receiver, and each component! Do you know why you should select “small” speakers rather than “large”? I thought it was based on the size of the speaker – wrong! And I still had to properly setup the plasma, cable box, Blu-ray player, 7.1 speakers and Xbox 360. I needed help.

As I reflected on my investment (and a potential donation to Goodwill!), I remembered a neighbor who started an audio video business and seemed to exemplify the knowledge and expertise that earns the title “professional”. Within an hour, Ron began his magic. I could already hear and see a difference in my system. When Ron was finished, I was truly appreciative, not only by the exceptional results to my system, but also the attention to detail given to each component, the cables, the connections, the cost, and documented invoice. Seriously, Ron provided an invoice that tells the whole story of what was done to my system, not just a single line item. The invoice is a work of art! Also, I am no longer a slave to numerous remotes. Ron programmed a new remote to operate my system just the way I want. He even programmed the remote to control my dimmer and motorized shutter control system! My theatre experience is now the way I always thought it should be, and I owe it all to Ron Jones. It can happen to you – call First Reflection Audio Video!”

“Ron has a formidable knowledge of his craft. Show him the jumble of remotes and tangle of wires and off he goes into a land few dare to delve into. I love his enthusiasm for programming my universal remote to my specific needs, even making changes remotely via the web. My sub is now perfectly equalized for the room it is in. For years I have managed my own AV issues, and am fortunate to have met Ron. He’s the real deal, saving you the time and frustration of spending too many hours on your own gear, and then getting only half the results. I’m moving soon, and he will be my first call to get my system setup in my new home. I’d argue that calling Ron is like doubling the value of your equipment, as how many people really get the full potential of their AV system? Call First Reflection Audio Video to find out. Thanks so much, Ron. I’m very, very pleased.”

“Woohoo is a good term for Ron’s meticulous attention to every detail and tireless technical savvy in solving problems and achieving his unwavering goal of high quality sound and ease of operation. He’s done two projects for us, both improving our listening enjoyment well beyond our expectations. And he leaves all those cables neatly bound and largely concealed! Ron richly deserves an unreserved five star rating.”

“I recently upgraded my six year old home theater system with a 65″ plasma TV and Blu-ray player. Ron Jones of First Reflection Audio Video performed the installation. I am especially pleased with the way Ron managed the cable connections, rewiring everything connecting to the receiver and plasma TV, resulting in spectacular improvement to both picture and sound. My wife and I recently watched ‘Bolt’ on Blu-ray, and the sound has never been better. I had enjoyed my system for six years, unaware that I was not experiencing the potential of my expensive components. Ron also reprogrammed my Harmony remote to operate the new plasma and new connections throughout my system. The work performed by First Reflection Audio Video was genius, and his services are worth every nickel.”

“First Reflection provided my company with impressive service. They willingly learned a new video system (dome surveillance cameras) to make the necessary assessment and repairs. Having used three audio-video companies in the past, First Reflection is the best!”

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