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“Ron is 10 stars in my book. I had a jumble of ancient equipment (15-40 years old) that I decided to upgrade to current technology. Bought a new HDTV, receiver, speakers, ordered a new cable box & had an electrician friend come over to hook everything up. Nothing worked and for 6 weeks we struggled to fix the problem. I finally went to yelp and called Rudy from Custom Home Theaters but he never showed up and never returned my frequent phone calls. I’m so glad because I found Ron and he was at my house the following morning. He spent several hours (and this was just the free consultation) going over what equipment I had and what my needs were. His knowledge and enthusiasm was a god-send. He took the time to explain several options available to get everything working at optimal level including coming over on his own time to demonstrate some of the upgrades I was interested in. He treats you as his most important client (and you are) and was in constant contact with me (phone, texts, e-mails) about the status of the installation. I ended up making some upgrades thanks to his incredible knowledge and his desire to have the final results be as perfect as possible. He ended up having to completely re-do the mess of wrongly connected wires I had (thank goodness I didn’t have a fire) and installed an integrated system that I am still in awe of, a system I never even knew was possible. He is a master at his craft but also an enthusiastic, wonderful person. I would have to say it is one of the most pleasant successful business transactions I have ever experienced. If every business person operated with his values what a less frustrating world this would be. Thanks Ron, you’re the best!”