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“My first interaction with Ron began when I was working at his chiropractor’s office as the massage therapist. At that time he was working for a large corporation and dealing with the stresses of working in the corporate environment. When he told me he was going to quit the corporate life and begin a business providing audio/video solutions, I knew he would be successful in this effort.

A couple years later, I knew just who to call when I decided to finally do something about our audio system. Ron and I talked about what our needs were, and the fact that we were planning to sell our house in the not too distant future, so we needed to install a system that would not only improve our current situation, but that would move with us.

Ron brought us the Sonos system. He provided the solution we needed to get music into our surround sound speakers that, up until that time, were used for the television/vcr only, while additionally providing us with a system that will move with us. We have since sold our home and are in temporary residence in the same area. I contacted Ron right away to help us with the move and within the first week of living in our new location we are set up and running. We plan to hire Ron again as we are now in the process of building our “retirement” home and want to utilize his expertise from the “ground” up.

Ron really listens to his clients. He works within your budget to provide you with the highest grade solution. His attention to detail, timely execution and outstanding customer service make him my “Go To Guy” for all things electronic in my home.

If you are having problems with your audio/video system, or just have a need to talk to someone about what’s out there and what will work for you, CALL HIM! You will not be disappointed!”