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“Out of desperation, with a TV showing green bands instead of a picture, and frustrated with a remote that would not work, I searched for help. To my rescue came First Reflection Audio Video. Ron listened intently to my many complaints, and asked incisive questions about how I used, and wanted to use, my components. My husband’s most important need was for Ron to handle all aspects of the job, including the purchase and delivery of all equipment. With a thorough understanding of our needs, Ron quickly submitted a scope of work.

With Ron’s communication, I felt involved during the project. When he was finished, we had incredibly easy-to-use audio video equipment installed, setup, and ready for use. There was the new plasma TV, the new receiver, the new Blu–ray DVD/CD player, the old multiple CD player I wanted to keep, and a new cable box – all beautifully connected with new and proper cables (not in a jumble as they had been). And most important of all, there was the new remote.

Let me tell you about this remote. Ron custom programmed it so that I, a techie novice, knew what button to push and what was supposed to happen. And it happened. Even when I got confused and pushed the wrong button, I was able to quickly correct it. The remote control is marvelous! Now I can work all the audio video machines as I want, and use them to their fullest potential – something I wasn’t able to do before. For the first time, I can even play music in the adjoining living room with the push of a button! It was a dream come true to find Ron. He accomplished what he promised, at the proposed estimate, and was open to our many questions and concerns during the process. I highly recommend First Reflection Audio Video.”