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“They say “third time’s a charm”, and I tend to agree. Ron was the third audio video professional to work on my theatre room system, and it’s finally working the way I expected… 8 years after the first professional installed it! That’s not a misprint, and it bears repeating – my system is finally working the way I expected for the first time in 8 years!! Have I upgraded equipment in that time? Sure, 3 years ago, with the same results provided by the second professional – a prominent specialty retailer that operates in the Bay Area and provides home audio video solutions.

Convinced my quality equipment was not setup to it’s full potential by the last professional, I started down that road of no return that many of us are forced to follow – doing it myself. Armed with multiple owner’s manuals, customer support, and my trusty Masters in Computer Science diploma, I began my adventure that quickly became my nightmare. You know you’re in over your head when neither the owner’s manual or customer support can tell you the difference between an optical and coaxial output. Did you know that correctly setting up your receiver doesn’t mean “ta-da”, and you’re done? No, for optimum performance, you must setup the receiver, and each component! Do you know why you should select “small” speakers rather than “large”? I thought it was based on the size of the speaker – wrong! And I still had to properly setup the plasma, cable box, Blu-ray player, 7.1 speakers and Xbox 360. I needed help.

As I reflected on my investment (and a potential donation to Goodwill!), I remembered a neighbor who started an audio video business and seemed to exemplify the knowledge and expertise that earns the title “professional”. Within an hour, Ron began his magic. I could already hear and see a difference in my system. When Ron was finished, I was truly appreciative, not only by the exceptional results to my system, but also the attention to detail given to each component, the cables, the connections, the cost, and documented invoice. Seriously, Ron provided an invoice that tells the whole story of what was done to my system, not just a single line item. The invoice is a work of art! Also, I am no longer a slave to numerous remotes. Ron programmed a new remote to operate my system just the way I want. He even programmed the remote to control my dimmer and motorized shutter control system! My theatre experience is now the way I always thought it should be, and I owe it all to Ron Jones. It can happen to you – call First Reflection Audio Video!”