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“Ron has a formidable knowledge of his craft. Show him the jumble of remotes and tangle of wires and off he goes into a land few dare to delve into. I love his enthusiasm for programming my universal remote to my specific needs, even making changes remotely via the web. My sub is now perfectly equalized for the room it is in. For years I have managed my own AV issues, and am fortunate to have met Ron. He’s the real deal, saving you the time and frustration of spending too many hours on your own gear, and then getting only half the results. I’m moving soon, and he will be my first call to get my system setup in my new home. I’d argue that calling Ron is like doubling the value of your equipment, as how many people really get the full potential of their AV system? Call First Reflection Audio Video to find out. Thanks so much, Ron. I’m very, very pleased.”